Origin and purpose:

Healing Artworkshops are specially developed workshops (by Art4Healing in California, America) in which you express your feeling in an abstract way, within a fixed format, through color and shape.

The workshops support emotional healing in children, adults and families in various areas. The structure of the workshops ensures that you express your feelings in an intuitive way.


How does it work:

The participants are given various directions, to which they respond spontaneously by painting shapes on canvas with acrylic paint. This method allows the participants to express their feelings in a safe manner by a color and shape with a feeling associate. It's a quick way to paint from your heart instead of doing too much from your head! You do not have to be an artist or be able to paint, you make your own paintings from your feelings and from your own unique blueprint.

It is painted with special sponges and cotton buds so that the making of shapes and the expression of feelings are best expressed.


What for:

There are different workshops for different purposes: giving color to emotions, sadness, grief, the inner child, personal development, setting goals, anger, etc. A great way to be creative and supportive! The workshops are for children and adults.


Practical information

Duration of workshops: 2 hours

Costs: 35 euros per person (including materials, coffee / tea)


Contact us for more information and / or to see which workshop (s) suit you or you.

On the agenda

-Stress (what is on your plate and how can you deal with it): tuesday evening May 11th, 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm.

-Revealed (where are you now and where are you going): tuesday evening May 21st, 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm. 



Individual workshops:

Living with a chronic illness: Guidance in processing your feelings about your life with an illness, using color as a vehicle to express your feelings. (workshop duration 1 hour, price 25 euros including materials, coffee and tea)

Grief: This workshop helps deal with the emotions associated with grief, shows ways to view grief, and supports healing through color and expression. (workshop duration 2 hours, price 35 euros per person, including materials, coffee and tea).

Stress: in this workshop color and abstract painting are used to identify stress and to see how you can deal with it. Helps to create order and to focus on what matters.

Revealed: where are you now in your life and how do you see your future. A workshop that helps you map out how you are doing and brings out what you want to continue in your life.

Loss: disappointment and loss are part of life, but can hurt or it can be difficult to accept. This workshop helps to give a place to disappointment or loss.

The art of surrender! A workshop that is about exchanging control for spiritual surrender. Just let it happen!