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       Happy Artists!

Relaxation, Creation and Fun

 Intuitive Painting and Drawing


Express your feelings in your own way for a few hours by painting, drawing and using colors as it suits you. That is what happens during an intuitive painting workshop. The workshops take place in my wooden studio in the back of the garden, where you can  see the dunes in the distance. By means of various assignments, which help you to work from your feelings, you get started in your own way.  Painting can be very nice and relaxing. Nothing to do, just work with color and shape. Be creative while enjoying a cup of coffee (also with warm frothed milk) or tea. You don't have to be able to draw or paint 'well'.

The assignments, drawing, painting and working with color, stimulate creative thinking and working.  

Once you are busy and let go of the thought that you 'have to' something, it will come naturally. Your feeling and your subconscious often surface when you start drawing and painting in this way. You can see or read that in your paintings. Your own view of what can be seen in your drawing helps you best to see what is going on. And sometimes a little guidance helps.  

The workshops are exclusively for the person who books and those with whom he/she indicates that he/she is coming. So there are no other participants,  unless it concerns a workshop mentioned in the agenda. All workshops can also be followed by you alone (all the time, all the attention for you alone)!  


A painting session as a gift is also a possibility! Not another utensil... but painting together!


For more information: / 06 3910 7969 .

"I didn't really know what to expect and was quite a bit nervous. luckily Renske gave space, motivated and reassured her where necessary, so that the creation eventually went by itself. our emotions and insecurities were allowed to be there without judgment. we were for a few hours so nice that time flew and we couldn't and didn't have to think about anything else. so nice in the moment and soothing. a very inspiring experience!"

"As a family, we look back on a perfect weekend (good food, pinball, celebrated Sinterklaas). Your workshop should certainly not be missing in this list. We enjoyed it very much. To indicate in a few words what we thought of it: surprising assignments, completely different outcomes, varied assignments. The bouncer was the final assignment. This gave food for thought about one's own family. This was also a successful assignment."

"I attended change workshops. A variety and interesting work came out. I also enjoyed it. I went home with a good feeling every time! And I got stuck in the good feeling."  

"We really enjoyed the workshop!
We thought it was a nice atmosphere, and we also liked that we could work concentrated/there was not continuous talking; this was just the right proportion and variety!"

"Really nice to do a workshop with family or friends. And very happy with the friendly and open guidance by Renske. Thank you!"  

" Nice workshop with the right guidance. Went with my mother and we felt very welcome. The workshop contained fun and inspiring assignments. Definitely recommended."

There are different options (all prices are per person, including everything; good quality materials, coffee/tea or lemonade) see below the different workshops and courses:

to book or for consultation: / 0639107969.

intuitive painting



Various suitable and fun assignments ... Follow your feelings and see what happens!

duration: 3 hours

price: 55 euros 1 person

45 euros 2 people

40 euros as of 3 people

workshop TOGETHER


duration: 2.5 hours

price: 40 euros as of  2 persons


A workshop in which you create intuitive art together. In your own way And with the other (s). Various assignments with chalk and acrylic paint, 'large' assignments and 'small' assignments. Upfront we decide what kind of things you would like to make together.



duration: 2.5 hours

price: 50 euro for 1 person, 40 euros as of 2 people. 


Are you struggling with something, do you want to start something but are you not sure or don't know how? Would you like to do something but you are not yet brave? In response to your question, I will create a workshop that helps you gain insight into what could help you and to find out what works best for you!



family workshops

Paint and draw together with your (grand) child or with the whole family or with a few of the family. Different materials and beautiful art!

duration: 2.5 hours, price: 40 euros as of 2 persons.

hete lucht ballonnen

fantasy workshop

Let yourself go in your own fantasy. Allow yourself the space to complete the assignments according to your own wishes!

duration: 2.5 hours, price: 50 euros 1 person, 40 euros as of 2 people


Adds color to your life and shows you what is important to you!

dreamhouse fantasy workshop

How is your temperament? Is it affected by earth, air, water or fire?

When are you in your element? With these questions we will get to work using pastels and acrylic paint.

mexico 088.jpg

this workshop helps you to see how you can use the elements to your advantage!

duration: 2.5 hours, price: 50 euros 1 person, 40 euros as of 2 people


kleurrijke Vissen


Working with colors. What do they do for you? What do they tell you? How can they help you?

In this workshop you use grease and pastels, ecoline and acrylic paint to discover color.

duration: 2.5 hours

price: 50 euros 1 person

40 euros as of 2 persons



tailor-made workshops

For special occasions or for a specific idea. Indicate what you want and then I will create a workshop based on your wishes!

price and duration in consultation

workshop I


A workshop focused on yourself, how you feel and how you would like to feel. With pastels, acrylic paint, pencil and marker!

Helps you to take your own power.

duration: 2.5 hours, price 50 euros for 1 person, 40 euros as of 2 people.

Provides insight into how you spend your time and helps you to organize your time in a pleasant and working way for you. The result is a beautiful work of art.


colour your time

What are you doing with your time? What would you like to spend time on? How do you ensure that you use your time in a way that is meaningful to you? With the help of pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, and pastels you can see how you want to organize your time. And how you ensure that you will follow your classification.

Specifically, it helps to spend your time the way you want, and fun to do!

Color your time consists of 2 workshops of 2.5 hours each, price per workshop 50 euros for 1 person, 40 euros from 2 people.

There are (in consultation) about 2 weeks between the 1st and the 2nd workshop.


3 in 1 ROW

3 x a workshop with a different theme.


Duration of workshops: 2.5 hours;

Number of times: 3x

Price (for 3x): 150 euros for 1 person, 120 euros pp as of 2 people.

You come home with various works (acrylic on canvas, different materials on bamboo paper, a pastel drawing, etc.). your intuition  is stimulated, solutions emerge and it makes you happy!


Being creative in a free, relaxing way and supporting change at the same time. That is what happens during change workshops. You pay attention to what is holding you back and what you do want by using different assignments, colors and methods (eg painting, writing, clay, making collages). A lot of fun and worth doing.


Number of participants: maximum 4.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Costs: 200 euros for 4 times (incl. Material, coffee, tea and snacks) as of 2 people

Very diverse, supportive and it makes change inspiring and challenging!

Individual sessions are also possible. 

course 8x intuitive drawing and painting


8 x intuitive drawing and painting. With fun assignments every time that help to work in a creative and intuitive way. Relax and use your intuition. What you do during the course, you may also increasingly apply in daily life. And you go home with a variety of works!


Duration: 8x 2 hours

Price: 250 euros for 8x per person including materials 

Maximaal 4 persons. Check the agenda for the dates!