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Treatments for Balance to help you relax, regain Balance, Clarity and Self Confidence 


A soft and warm treatment method that lets the energy flow and calms the body. The treatment helps you to relax deeply, creates space and clarity in the head and increases the balance between body and mind.


How does it work:

By using colored light, magnetism and other methods, I help you to feel clear, calm, energized and in balance. Your body can relax, you get space in your head again and the energy starts to flow. You can lie down on the treatment table and close your eyes or leave them open, whichever you prefer. Then I will treat you by placing my hands on certain places on your body and by shining colored light on special (acupuncture) points on your body. It is most comfortable to put on comfortable and light clothing.


There are (among other things) treatments to relax, to get more energy, to strengthen your immune system, to come to yourself and to be in balance. During a treatment, stuck energy, which manifests itself as tension, emotion or pain, is given space again. Unnecessary energy leaves the body and new energy is added. This is how the energy flow starts to move and you get back in touch with yourself. It is nice and relaxing to undergo a treatment. Refueling, feeling and propagating your own strength, experiencing life lighter, or getting stuck things going again, you are welcome.












More about colored light:


Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany discovered in the 1970s that living cells emit light. He called these light particles biophotons. His research also showed that these biophotons transmit information to other cells. He also showed that this light is involved in many metabolic processes in the cells.

So cells communicate via light signals. In color puncture, this data of light radiation in the cells and between the cells is used. Points on the skin are irradiated with colored light to better balance the light balance in the body.

The light (energy) and color (information) are passed on through the meridians and cells to the entire system, and have a harmonizing effect on the entire body. The different colors each have their specific effect thanks to their wavelength and effect on specific organ vibration numbers.


Colors can help you to feel in balance again. Certain thoughts and behaviors can cause certain colors in your system to run out. For example, if you think a lot, you use a lot of yellow and it may be that there is a shortage that prevents you from seeing things clearly. Or if you are restless and run from place to place, it could be that blue is at stake. A little blue light can make sure that peace returns and you do things step by step, instead of everything at once.

By means of the light (energy) and color (information) it is possible to get your energy going again and in balance.

Instead of being tired or bored, you will become fresh, cheerful and curious again! Book a balance treatment and experience what you think of it yourself.



"I experienced the light treatment as very relaxed and Renske gave me a feeling of confidence with her sober, intuitive and open attitude."


"Very warm and relaxed such a treatment, looser and relaxed feeling afterwards."


"The treatments with colored light are very special. At first it does not feel very direct or intense like for example with a massage, but the effect is enormously powerful. Renske asks exactly the right questions, she feels things clearly in a natural and natural way. honest manner. In addition, the treatment itself is simply very relaxed and relaxed. Renske gives a lot of peace and confidence and the personal attention she gives feels healing. "


"I can recommend everyone to go to Renske. With her combination of human knowledge, warmth and treatment technique she has taken me further steps in a good way. After the treatments I feel energized and touched in a special way. How she does it, she knows. I don't. I feel certain that it works. "






Price: 45 euros per treatment (duration of treatment approximately 60 minutes)


You can also give someone a soothing treatment in Schoorl! Giftvouchers can be obtained through me.



If canceled within 24 hours before the appointment, the reserved time will be charged.









For information or an appointment you can contact me: 0031 6 3910 7969 / / Rijksweg 32, Schoorl / Noord Holland

Corona measures: maximum 3 people per workshop. During the workshop there is 1.5 meters distance and we wear a mouth mask in consultation. In case of possible corona-related health complaints, you call off the appointment (and of course I also if myself or a housemate have complaints).

Balance treatment: only if you do not have any of the following complaints: cold or cough or shortness of breath or fever (from 38 ° C). Even if your housemates are short of breath or have a fever, or if you or a housemate has been diagnosed with corona in the last 2 weeks, the treatment cannot take place. During the treatment I wear a mouth cap.