Treatments for Balance to help you relax, regain Balance, Clarity and Self Confidence 

A gentle and warm treatment method that allows energy to flow and calms the body. The treatment helps you to relax deeply, creates space and clarity in the head and increases the balance between body and mind.  


How does it work:

I developed the method I use based on colored light therapy, magnetism and my own intuition. During the treatment I put my hands on certain places on your body and I shine  colored light on special (acupuncture) points. The colored light ensures that the harmony in the body returns to balance in places where it is disturbed (light is energy and color is information and this is communicated to the cells). That, together with touch in certain places and discussing things that may arise, provides relaxation and that you can let go of things that hinder or block you.


Most people feel very relaxed after a treatment.


The treatment takes about an hour. It is best to wear light, comfortable clothing.


For whom:

For anyone who needs relaxation, refueling, balance and possibly direction.

This method is a good way to keep yourself energized and balanced. Relax every now and then and see how things are going.




































45 euros per treatment  

You can also give a soothing treatment in Schoorl to someone as a gift! You can order gift vouchers from me.  


If canceled within 24 hours before the appointment, the reserved time will be charged.


For information or an appointment you can contact me: 0031 6 3910 7969 / / Rijksweg 32, Schoorl / Noord Holland


"I experienced the light treatment as very relaxed and Renske gave me a sense of confidence with her down to earth, intuitive and open attitude."

"I can recommend everyone to go to Renske. With her combination of human knowledge, warmth and treatment technique, she has taken me further in a good way. After the treatments I feel energetic and touched in a special way. I don't. I definitely feel it works."

"Very warm and relaxed such a treatment, loose and relaxed feeling afterwards."

"The treatments with colored light are very special. At first it doesn't feel very direct or intense like a massage, for example, but the effect is enormously powerful. Renske asks exactly the right questions, she feels things clearly in a natural and In addition, the treatment itself is very relaxed and relaxed. Renske gives a lot of peace and confidence and the personal attention she gives feels healing."

“My treatment with colored light at Renske was great. She is a warm and welcoming person, and a gifted intuitive healer. Renske was able to identify and help release unresolved loss and fear that I was holding in my body. Since then I have felt more grounded and confident in my life. I highly recommend working with Renske if you experience any form of disharmony physically, emotionally or spiritually.”

Treatments can help with:

  • ​Feelings of depression

  • Fatigue

  • Direction

  • Stress

  • Unrest in your head

  • Mourning

  • Loss

  • Sadness

  • Listlessness

  • If you want to spoil yourself

  • If you have little energy

What can a treatment give:

  • Regain your power

  • Restore confidence in yourself

  • Peace

  • Relaxation

  • New interest in life

  • Brightness

  • Balance

  • Acceptance

  • Softness

  • Pleasure