Out of balance, uncertain, doubt, which way to go, low self-esteem ...

Colors can help to restore your confidence and balance. Painting in a relaxt way, see which colors can give you something at the moment (eg red for more grounding, green for healing and flow, yellow for clarity, orange for fun, violet for creativity and connection with spirituality).

Using the creative side of your brain also ensures that there is more flow within yourself. Don't think and organize too much so that you lock things in. But let go, see what comes next and  work with it. Without obligations and without worrying about the result.

Intuitive painting workshops can help you turn insecure feelings into more self-confidence. The relaxation that comes from being creative can ensure that you experience more who you are and what you want.

Colors can help to regain your balance. Certain thoughts and behaviors can cause certain colors in your system to run out. For example, if you think a lot, you use a lot of yellow and it may be that there is a shortage that prevents you from seeing things clearly. Or if you are restless and run from place to place, it could be that blue is at stake. A little blue light can make sure that peace returns and you do things step by step, instead of everything at once.

I use a flashlight with crystal colored glasses. By means of the light (energy) and color (information) it is possible to get your energy going again and balance it. Instead of being tired or bored you will become fresh, cheerful and curious again! Book a balancing treatment and experience what you think of it yourself.